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The iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to elicit curiosity wherever it is displayed. From the matte glass finish to the triple cameras at the back, the iPhone Pro Max screams like a premium product. Here are a few features to consider before deciding on getting one.


  • Matte, fingerprint-resistant glass
  • Gorgeous OLED display which is brighter than the predecessor iPhones
  • 3969mAh Battery size which is considerably larger than previous iPhones
  • Color-accurate triple-camera system. In fact, it is a 4 camera system if the front camera is taken into consideration.
  • Fast charging with USB-C-to-Lightning cable.
  • The iPhones deep software paired with the camera hardware makes zooming between the three cameras feel so smooth. It’s like a photograph enthusiasts paradise.


  • The base phone storage of 64GB is too small compared to the competing phones in the market. You would quickly realize how small this storage is when you have to start deleting apps or photographs to create space in the phone.
  • Cost. This is still a very expensive phone with prices ranging at +$1,000 mark. The version with 512GB of storage goes for almost $1,500!  That is really expensive for a mobile phone, and really becomes serious when converted into Nigerian Naira!
  • NO 5G capabilities. This is a huge minus for this premium phone, The competing android phones from Samsung all have 5G capabilities.

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