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5G phones have been in the news lately. They are the next generation phones compared to the 4G or LTE phones. They are so many rumors and incorrect assertions about 5G technology and phones. Here are some basic facts about 5G phones and technologies:

  • 5G capable phones and network infrastructure will guarantee faster upload and download speeds, among many other 5G phone benefits. The present 4G and 3G network infrastructure will all need to be upgraded to accommodate the new requirements of 5G phones. Think about improvements of up to 50% in download speeds. Imaging downloading complete movies or shows on Netflix in seconds or very few minutes. Amazing, right?
  • 5G phones will able to stay online all the time. This concepts ties into how we can connect things around us including home devices and cars, which is the internet of things in reality. This should help reduce latency and we can enjoy improved battery times for 5G enabled devices
  • Normal cellular data gets transmitted via radio waves. The shorter the frequency of the waves the more data they can carry. 5G gets transmitted via shorter millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, which are very compact radio waves. This makes them transmit a lot of data very fast. That means antennas and modems in 5G devices will occupy smaller spaces and use less energy

There are so many reasons to move on the 5G technologies and phone. We expect 5G network infrastructure to start showing up on some of the mobile phone networks in Nigeria from 2021.

We leave you to view some of the latest 5G phones available in the market now.

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