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Plumbing work is needed in every home and office. Water is needed is for cooking, cleaning and for good sanitation. Poor plumbing jobs can lead to very expensive repairs. How well do you know the extent of plumbing jobs?

We have highlighted a few critical areas where plumbers and plumbing jobs are required in buildings and installations.

  • Installation of Main Connecting Pipes

Pipes that connect from the main outside water supply to different parts of a building need to be installed and pressure tested for leakage by plumbers. This is absolutely not a “Do it yourself (DIY)” task. Ensure only a qualified and competent plumber attends to this critical task

  • Clogged Toilets and Bathrooms Systems

We all hate that feeling when our toilets or bathrooms are clogged and do not flow as usual. Sometimes, we might have spillage and leakage of human waste onto the immediate outside environment. In that case, we would need a plumber to help detect and clear the source of the blockage. Untreated blocked toilets can be a serious health hazard and should be tackled immediately. Plumbers use specialized equipment to get to the source of the blockage and unclog it without damaging the installed pipes.

  • Slow Draining Sinks

Slow draining kitchen and bathroom sinks are another problem area that requires the attention of a service plumber. The major causes of such problems could be damaged or compromised internal valves or outright blockage of the connecting pipes

  • Leaky or Damaged Water Heaters

Water heaters are electrical equipment that heats water for use in bathrooms and kitchens. They have both cold and hot water pipe connections. They are delicate equipment and need servicing to ensure they work without leakage or other issues. Plumbers make sure the right type of pipe connections are made to the correct ports on the water heaters for a trouble free operation

  • Leaking or Broken Pipes

These are the most obvious and annoying plumbing problems to have. Leaky or broken pipes can flood a building and cause slips which could lead to serious injuries. The fix for this problem is usually total or partial replacement of the affected pipes. This should be done by a competent plumber to avoid more expensive repairs

  • Water Boreholes

Do you know you need a plumber to do the actual connections that makes a water borehole useful? A plumber would need to connect the pipes from the borehole to the pump and maybe, overhead water tanks and then on to the domestic home connections. Wow! A competent plumber is really important

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