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Staying fit and healthy is very essential to human existence, your set out goals can be affected when you’re unhealthy. That’s why staying active and participating in a daily routine workout is very important. It is good for our body, mind and soul.

Engaging in a daily routine workout can be tiring, sometimes, you wake up in the morning and feel like sleeping all day. Regardless of this natural ‘workout lazy’ attitude, you can still look for easy ways to motivate yourself and make exercising interesting.

we’ve come up with tips to help motivate you to meet your fitness goals.

1.Schedule/plan your calendar: Most times we have tons of set out goals to accomplish each day, but it is important you also make out ample time for exercise. Schedule your workout days in your daily or weekly calendar. This will help give you a sense of responsibility.

2. Have fun and workout: Have you considered spicing up your workout time with a little bit of fun like playing songs or watching your favorite TV show while working out, whether you’re at the gym or at home. You can hit the treadmill with your earpiece on, this will motivate you to do more.

3.Do what works for you: Going to the gym is fun and motivating, you can see other fitness enthusiast like yourself but if you have a busy schedule and going to the gym isn’t convenient, you can opt for at-home workout.

4.Join a Challenge: You can slide into a challenge, either on social media or your group of friends. Challenges like, weight loss challenge, squat challenge, daily exercise challenge etc. Seeing others participate will trigger your interest to give it a shot.

5.Sleep in your exercise clothes: It can be discomforting but hey! this is to motivate you. Imagine waking up and you’re so tired to change into your workout clothes. You can resort to this option for some days in a week, not basically everyday. Sleeping in your exercise clothes would help you hit the gym once you’re out of bed or exercise at home.

6.Use a fitness App: Using a fitness App will go a long way, it’s really of importance if you’re doing at-home workout, you can schedule daily workout that focus on different fitness goals using the App.

7.Identify with like-minded people: Surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals as you can never go wrong. Some can choose to be your daily reminder and that is enough motivation.

Finding the motivation to workout starts with determination to make fitness a priority, and making out time in your tight schedule.

Photo credit: Shape Magazine

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