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What to wear and how to dress up seem easy but there are certain things you need to put into consideration before buying or wearing an outfit. Dressing right will make you look confident and energetic.

No matter how much your clothe is worth, you can upgrade your appearance with some simple tips.

Consider the fit: Wearing a clothe that doesn’t fit makes one uncomfortable and also alter your appearance. A too- tight or too-loose clothe can impact the way you look and reduce your level of confidence, you may end up looking shabby. You need to pay attention on fitting, if you want to look classy/ polish.

Dress simple: A lot of people think dressing right is looking busy from head to toe. A simple and yet classy assemble will do the talking. Avoid too much accessories or heavy fabrics that would make you uncomfortable.

Dress for the setting: Style is not merely about self- expression, it’s about being dressed appropriately for your environment and weather. You need the right set of clothes to work with the setting you’re in, be it a dinner, outing with friends, beach parties, formal meetings, etc. You don’t wear Iro and Buba to a beach party or a turtle neck sweat shirt on a sunny day.

Go for clothes that suit your shape: Shopping clothes or designs that work for your body shape is essential. You don’t wear clothes because it’s in vogue but consider your body shape so you don’t look awkward in appearance.

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Never overexpose: Dressing right requires a bit of modesty. No showing too much of skin, no baring tops or revealing mini skirts. Keep your cleavage and belly button covered when going for a formal occasion.

You don’t need a lot of money to dress right. Contrary to popular belief, good and classy outfits don’t have to be expensive designer clothes. You don’t need to break a bank, good clothes abound at Nigeria made clothes shop and thrift stores. Visit www.2dotsmarket.com to shop quality and yet affordable clothings.

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