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As adults, we have the freedom to drive ourselves around in the latest brands and models of cars. We even drive kids inside the cars around town, to complete tasks and chores. However, kids are very curious and like to imitate actions they observe. Yes, they also want to drive around the yard in their own cars.

Introducing battery powered miniature Kid cars! These cars are basically mini cars that run on rechargeable batteries and have several innovative features including:

  • Music and even radios
  • Horns
  • Accelerator and brakes
  • Seat belts
  • Rechargeable batteries that last up to 72hrs
  • Multi Seats so your kid can carry their friends or siblings in the car

They are very durable, fun for kids to drive around with and are very empowering. They come in different models and makes including Mercedes, Range Rovers, Audis and Military Style Jeeps.

Here are links to some of the dealers on our website selling such kid cars



Give your kid that sense of responsibility of owning his own car. Get one today

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