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Cassava is widely grown around Africa, South America and Asia. Nigeria is the world’s biggest producer of Cassava with annual production close to 40 million tons.

Did you know that Cassava can be used for a variety of products apart from the obvious garri in Nigeria? Here are a few by products that can be realized from Cassava processing:

  • The raw leaves from the Cassava plant can be used as animal feeds. It is rich in protein, iron, vitamin A & C, thiamin and fiber. The dried leaves are also rich in protein and iron which are essential for animal feeds.
  • Cassava peels can also be ground up and mixed with several other components to make a highly nutritious animal feed for the livestock industry.
  • Dried cassava can be made into a flour then mixed with wheat to create a composite flour for making bread and other confectionaries.
  • Dried and fresh Cassava can be used to produce glues and alcohol which have serious industrial uses. This represents a huge opportunity for investors in Cassava rich countries like Nigeria.
  • Cassava starch derived from the Cassava plant has varied industrial and domestic uses including
    1. Native starch
    2. Industrial starch used in various industries including food, pharmaceutical industries etc.
    3. Sweeteners like glucose and fructose syrup
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) a very much in favor flavoring agent for meats, vegetables, sauces and gravies is derived from Cassava
  • Cassava starch and dried roots can be further processed into dried yeast for the animal feeds, human diet and bakery industry.
  • Cassava by products are also utilized in the paper and textile industries.
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