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We are at 2DotsMarket have been doing some market research, and have come up with a short list of key food items that every home should endeavor to stock up on during uncertain times

  1. Rice: This is a staple food in most Nigerian households. There is currently an embargo on imported rice and so local varieties must be given consideration because of availability and pricing
  2. Garri: This cassava derivative is usually made into a paste and eaten with different types of soups. It is a key food item in nationwide.
  3. Beans: There are several varieties of beans available in Nigeria. Some of the most popular ones include brown and white beans.
  4.  Yams: Yams are primarily grown in the middle belt of Nigeria. It is essential to stock up on yam tubers or yam flour which is used to make pounded yam
  5. Plantains: Plantains are rich sources of iron when green. They can be used for several dishes popular around the country.
  6. Eggs: Eggs are key breakfast items in Nigeria. They are also used for baking
  7. Cooking Oil: Essentially Palm Oil and Vegetable Oil. These are rich sources of Vitamins E & A. They are used for preparing many kinds of dishes including soups, stews, deep fried foods and many off the shelves snacks
  8. Fish / Meat: Fish and meat are essentials for any household. They can be fire-dried to store easily, and still maintain their freshness and taste.
  9. Spices: They give added flavor to our cooking and every kitchen should have them to complete any cooking plan
  10. Noodles: These are fairly new introductions in the Nigerian market. They have essentially assumed stapled food status in some households.
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