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2020 Lexus RX 350 Review

Today we are reviewing one of the most popular vehicle brand/model in the Nigerian car market. This car is practically a dream car for a huge swath of the population. The RX 350, especially the older models is a fast seller in Nigeria. Here are some of the key features…continue reading →

6 Most Popular Used Cars in Nigeria

Used cars usually imported from the US, Europe and Asia are some of the hottest in demand items in Nigeria. The cars are classified according to prices, popular use, ease of maintenance and perceived durability on the challenging Nigerian roads. We bring you some of the fast moving cars that…continue reading →
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Protecting your parked vehicles

Vehicles that are stationary and parked in one place for prolonged periods, need special care to keep them in tip top conditions. Vehicle, like any other machine, have mechanical parts that need servicing in order to function effectively. Parking them without moving for long periods is really not the best…continue reading →