Samsung recently released the new flagship phones in its lineup., the S20 Series. The series come in S20 (6.2 inches), S20+ (6.4 inches) and S20 Ultra (6.9 inches). The S20 Ultra is so big at 6.9 inches we are wondering how it fits into normal human hands! These are high…continue reading →
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Why you should get an iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to elicit curiosity wherever it is displayed. From the matte glass finish to the triple cameras at the back, the iPhone Pro Max screams like a premium product. Here are a few features to consider before deciding on getting one. FOR Matte, fingerprint-resistant glassGorgeous…continue reading →

Why you should get a 5G Phone

5G phones have been in the news lately. They are the next generation phones compared to the 4G or LTE phones. They are so many rumors and incorrect assertions about 5G technology and phones. Here are some basic facts about 5G phones and technologies: 5G capable phones and network infrastructure…continue reading →