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Health Benefits of PawPaw (Papaya)

PawPaw (Papaya) is a fruit that grows mostly in the tropical regions of the world.  It has a sweet refreshing taste that is very welcoming. It is eaten fresh when the outer skin is peeled off and the internal seeds taken off. In addition to its refreshing taste, they are…continue reading →
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Fast moving products to delve into

Businesses that are into buying and selling of goods are always looking for that particular product that just flies off the shelves. Even with slim margins, fast moving goods helps the turnover and eventually, profitability for an ongoing business. We want to showcase a few products/sectors that are currently fast…continue reading →
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How 2dotsmarket can help your Pharmacy business

Pharmacies are an essential component of the healthcare business sector. The new digital economy requires multiple distribution channels for existing stores and establishments. Pharmacies cannot rely alone on physical outlets, to sell their products and reach customers. All pharmacies must have an online presence to be able to compete in…continue reading →

5 Tips for Maintaining Good Vision

Maintaining good vision with your eyes is a challenging goal for humans. There are so many habits and events that can impact our eyes and cause us to lose our excellent eyesight. We bring you 5 simple tips to preserve your eyes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Computer Screens: Computers…continue reading →
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7 Health Benefits of Coffee

We all love that hot nice smell from the morning brew of coffee. Hmmm… Do you know drinking coffee has health benefits? Here are a few reasons to continue drinking that fresh morning coffee. Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain,…continue reading →
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5 Reasons to plant and eat plantains

Plantains are a staple food in much of Nigeria. They grow in areas with reasonable amount of rainfall and good soil. Those are typical conditions in much of Southern Nigeria. Plantains can be boiled, fried or made into a paste for eating. Here are a few reasons to plant and…continue reading →

6 Affordable fitness trackers

Electronic fitness gadgets are used to track your activity, exercise, blood pressure, food, weight and sleep. This helps to keep users motivated and ultimately healthy.  The first name that comes to the mind for fitness tracking products is Fitbit.  Do you know there are very good and cheaper alternatives to…continue reading →
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Immune System Boosting Fruits and Vegetables

In this era of flu related ailments, immunity system boosting foods, fruits and vegetables. The main immunity boosting component in all these foods and veggies is Vitamin C.  Research has shown that Vitamin C helps boost the production of white blood cells that are key in fighting infections and forming…continue reading →
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