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3 Medicinal Uses of Lemon

Lemons might not be our favorite fruit, because it is not really that sweet, compared with other citrus fruits. However, it sure does have real good medicinal uses. Do not throw away that lemon! Learn about the benefits of using lemon for good health. Here are some of the health…continue reading →
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Fast moving products to delve into

Businesses that are into buying and selling of goods are always looking for that particular product that just flies off the shelves. Even with slim margins, fast moving goods helps the turnover and eventually, profitability for an ongoing business. We want to showcase a few products/sectors that are currently fast…continue reading →
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How 2dotsmarket can help your Pharmacy business

Pharmacies are an essential component of the healthcare business sector. The new digital economy requires multiple distribution channels for existing stores and establishments. Pharmacies cannot rely alone on physical outlets, to sell their products and reach customers. All pharmacies must have an online presence to be able to compete in…continue reading →

5 Tips for Maintaining Good Vision

Maintaining good vision with your eyes is a challenging goal for humans. There are so many habits and events that can impact our eyes and cause us to lose our excellent eyesight. We bring you 5 simple tips to preserve your eyes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Computer Screens: Computers…continue reading →
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5 reasons to eat watermelon

As a result of the movement restrictions, people are becoming less active, and adding certain foods to our diets will help us stay healthy. With the lockdown and restriction of movements around the world, we have become less active. The addition of certain foods and fruits to our diets will…continue reading →
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As the food markets re-open

As the food markets open for short periods daily in the key lock down states in Nigeria, there are some key safety guidelines we need to observe when shopping for food and related items. Here are the guidelines:  1. Wash your hands frequently Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with…continue reading →