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Posting Paid Ads on

Wondering how you can get a leg up on your competition by placing Ads with greater reach and visibility on If so, then paid Ads is the way to go. Paid Ads help your Ads stay on top of search pages thereby increasing the visibility and potential for faster…continue reading →

Finally! We are live and open for Business

Finally, 2dotsmarket is open for business in Nigeria. We offer both buyers and sellers a safe platform to transact business online. Here is why you want to use 2dotsmarket in Nigeria. For Sellers: Get nationwide exposure to buyers and potential partnersEnjoy 24/7 customer service to attend to your queries and…continue reading →

Sport Betting Odds and Probabilities

Sport betting has grown at an amazing pace in Nigeria. It is actually very addictive with dreams of making big wins. The most popular platforms are the ones that offer bets on football league games around the world. The opportunities presented by the internet has added to this fast growth…continue reading →
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Fast moving products to delve into

Businesses that are into buying and selling of goods are always looking for that particular product that just flies off the shelves. Even with slim margins, fast moving goods helps the turnover and eventually, profitability for an ongoing business. We want to showcase a few products/sectors that are currently fast…continue reading →
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The many uses of Cassava plant

Cassava is widely grown around Africa, South America and Asia. Nigeria is the world’s biggest producer of Cassava with annual production close to 40 million tons. Did you know that Cassava can be used for a variety of products apart from the obvious garri in Nigeria? Here are a few…continue reading →
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Online shops, SMEs and Insurance

Online shops and other small scale and medium enterprise (SMEs) need insurance products to safeguard their operations. The lack of insurance cover, most times lead to business issues in matters like customer refunds, return of goods, fire, theft etc. Why is it particularly hard in Nigeria to obtain insurance cover…continue reading →
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Welcome to the official 2dotsmarket blog. We intend to use this blog to disseminate the latest information about our upcoming online marketplace, fashion trends, changing consumer tastes, real estate, new products , health care products, new innovations in vehicles and general lifestyle choices. We have a dedicated team that…continue reading →