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Vehicles that are stationary and parked in one place for prolonged periods, need special care to keep them in tip top conditions. Vehicle, like any other machine, have mechanical parts that need servicing in order to function effectively. Parking them without moving for long periods is really not the best for such machines. We at 2dotsmarket have compiled a few notes to help vehicle owners protect their prized machines, when there is a need to park them for extended periods.

  • Park it away from bad weather

Bad weather, especially acid rains prevalent in tropical climates, is harmful to vehicle exterior paintwork. Acid rain can quickly wear out the paint work and remove the glossy shine. The end result can be rust on the body of the vehicle. If possible, park the vehicle in a covered garage or just use a vehicle body cover to protect it from bad weather

  • Clean the Interior before parking

The interior of vehicles should be cleaned, and things like uneaten food and drinks should be disposed, before such parking such vehicles for extended periods. Uneaten food would definitely spoil over time, giving off unpleasant smells which might attract rodents. Once rodents gain entrance into the vehicle, they cause more destruction by eating up electrical wiring and components.  This scenario should be completely avoided.

  • Wash, dry and wax the exterior before parking

If possible, wash the exterior thoroughly while paying particular attention to the brake shavings and mud under the mud flaps by the tyres. The brake shavings if left unwashed, can cause permanent discoloration on silver plated alloy wheels.

Applying vehicle wax helps form an extra layer of protection to the vehicle paint. This also provides a water proof layer that reduces or eliminates oxidation of the vehicle paint.

  • Do not use the hand brake to park cars for extended periods

Using the hand brake to keep a vehicle stationary, implies the brake pads will be in contact with the rotor (disc). There is a good chance of such pads getting fused with and damaging the rotors over extended periods.  Vehicle sales and reviews sites like www.edmunds.com are very particular about giving this advice to vehicle owners

  • Let someone drive the vehicle every once in a while

Keeping vehicles parked for really long periods is not advisable. Components like the battery can go bad quickly if not charged. Moving the vehicle every once in a while helps keep such components active and extends their life cycle. It is advisable to have parked cars started and driven at every possible opportunity. The alternative is to remove the negative end of the battery from the terminal connection. However, this is a short to medium term solution. The battery can and would still lose its charge over extended periods.

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