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Wondering how you can get a leg up on your competition by placing Ads with greater reach and visibility on 2dotsmarket.com?

If so, then paid Ads is the way to go. Paid Ads help your Ads stay on top of search pages thereby increasing the visibility and potential for faster sales

On 2dotsmarket.com you have the choice of paying for Pinned or Priority Ads with the additional options of supporting the paid Ads with Boosts. Here is how it works:

Pinned Ads: These are the Ads with the highest ranking order. They always stay ahead of all other types of Ads in search results. Pinned Ads can be “Boosted” to keep them ahead of other Ads in search results.

Pinned Ads provide your listed items or services the highest visibility (30x), and potential for faster sales. Pinned Ads also represent the best value and Return on Investment (ROI) for your Ad spend.

Priority Ads: Priority Ads are paid Ads that have more visibility (20x) than Free Ads. Priority Ads are placed ahead of Free Ads. Priority Ads can also be boosted to keep them on top of other Priority Ads

Boosts: Boosts are used to enhance the reach of Pinned and Priority Ads on the platform.

Boosts enable Ads to be more visible, stay above similar Ads during searches, and therefore, increase the chances of successful sales. Ads can be boosted as many times as possible. 

Banner Ads: Banner Ads are Ads that are user specific and different from regular Ads. They appear in between search results. They can be placed on the platform for a week or for 4 weeks intervals. They are best suited for events like new product promotion, corporate visibility programs, customer awareness programs etc.

So now you know the difference between the different types of Paid Ads on 2dotsmarket.com

Start buying and selling on 2dotsmarket.com now

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