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Protecting your parked vehicles

Vehicles that are stationary and parked in one place for prolonged periods, need special care to keep them in tip top conditions. Vehicle, like any other machine, have mechanical parts that need servicing in order to function effectively. Parking them without moving for long periods is really not the best…continue reading →
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Why hire a home or office cleaning service

A clean home and work environment is very essential to healthy living. We need a sterile work environment to ensure the highest productivity from workers. Achieving a germ free home environment is especially important, if there are kids and elderly people around. That demographic usually have lower immunity to bugs…continue reading →
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How to shop for furniture online

Shopping for furniture can be a daunting task. Most people are used to going into physical showrooms to see and touch furniture before buying. Times have changed. Now, you can view thousands of furniture listings online from different merchants. This gives the furniture buyer leverage to access deals and savings…continue reading →
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As the food markets re-open

As the food markets open for short periods daily in the key lock down states in Nigeria, there are some key safety guidelines we need to observe when shopping for food and related items. Here are the guidelines:  1. Wash your hands frequently Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with…continue reading →
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10 Gym Etiquettes

Going to the gym should be an enjoyable experience. People go to the gym to work out, and be motivated to work out. We have penned a few gym etiquettes to guide gym use. Following them might mean a better gym experience for all. Here they are…. Seek help if…continue reading →
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Navigating Online Lending Services

Getting financing for either personal or business purposes is not an easy task in Nigeria. The traditional banks have very cumbersome processes with unending demands for paperwork and approvals. Nigerian banks also have an unsavory reputation for making demands that could potentially bankrupt debtors. Online lending services are proliferating right…continue reading →