Done with school, NYSC or technical training? You are finally ready to get on with your job search! Congratulations. We want to share a few tips with you on how to position yourself and nab that dream job or internship.

Here we go:

  • Make sure you have a resume/CV that is professional looking and most importantly typo free. A typo filled CV is a red flag for employers that the job seeker is either careless or just not up to speed with basic English. Don’t fall into that trap
  • Take advantage of additional skill building initiatives e.g. take online classes or even unpaid internships like that offered by hotels.ng to build programing skills for everybody. No skill is wasted so grab as much as you can while searching for your dream position
  • Network as much as possible. Reach out to people that can reach out to others on your behalf. Keep your alumni networks and let them know you are searching and available to start immediately
  • Update your online profiles on sites like LinkedIn and related job sites. Also search sites like 2dotsmarket.com for latest jobs in Nigeria
  • Be careful with what you post on social media. Potential employers might be scooping through your social media posts to glean more information about your views.
  • Be flexible with what you are looking for. It is a very tough job market so be flexible and always be looking to get a leg in to an establishment. That could open more doors of opportunities to bigger positions

Best of luck in the job search. Remember, to keep hope alive and keep persisting.

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