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Ok you just placed your Ad on 2dotsmarket.com….Congratulations!

But hey, that’s not all. Have you checked the title text to ensure it is appropriate for your Ad?


The title text is about the most important item to get right on your Ad. This is what users first see and this is what helps the Ad page get ranked on Google search. You must specify an appropriate title text that describes what you are selling at a glance. This helps Google to know how to classify and rank your Ad page.

A good example is if you want to post an Ad, to sell wooden doors imported from Turkey used in home and office finishing. An appropriate title would be “Turkish Wooden Doors for sale”. This title is both concise and informative enough for anyone that glances at it. An inappropriate title could be “We import doors from Turkey”. This latter title does not depict the product on sale. It actually misleads users and even the Google bot into thinking that you are offering import services! Google can either not rank that Ad page or rank it in the wrong category.

So next time you are about to post that Ad, look again at the title and make sure it depicts correctly the item or service on sale

Happy Selling!





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