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Considering the rate of hardship and the need to become financially independent, it’s important to check out several legit ways of making money .
You need to crawl out of your shell and take up new opportunities.
Dropshipping hasn’t been so popular in Nigeria but it’s putting food on people’s tables this recent time.
It may sound like a capital intensive kind of business but it’s more cost effective and you need little or nothing for a start up.

What is Dropshipping
Dropshipping is a retail chanel when the seller doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. it involves a retailer selling a product purchased from a third party (wholesaler), adds own profit and has it delivered through the third party (wholesaler) directly to the customer.

How to start dropshipping business

Grab an opportunity
Choose products you’re familiar with and you have prior knowledge about it, this will give you an advantage over other competitors.

Carve your niche and go for products your interested in so you don’t loose interest in the business especially during the early stages.

Get a Supplier
This is very important because you need a Supplier that’s a wholesaler. Getting the right supplier who is serious with business will help encourage you as well.
Look for a supplier who is always available to take your orders and make deliveries.
You can choose an online wholesaler or go to the market yourself but carry out some investigations about a supplier to avoid being duped.

Choose a platform
You need a platform to carry out your dropshipping business.This could require registering with popular e-commerce stores such as www.2dotsmarket.com.
It is easier to use platforms that will require a little resource to handle, 2dotsmarket.com is totally free. You can use social media to broadcast and market your products by posting good quality pictures of the product as it’s a very big community. When your business starts flourishing, you can launch your website. 

Promote your business
As you choose a good platform for marketing, you can also choose to promote it for more visibility.
E-commerce platforms like 2dotsmarket.com have different Ad types to boast your business, more visibility gives you more customers, more customers brings more sales and more sales means more money.Don’t sleep on this opportunity.

Starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria is very lucrative. It is a bold first step to financial freedom. You’ll be able to sell various items to customers, it mustn’t be one product, set your prices and market your brand, it requires little start up capital and very convenient to run.
You don’t need a physical shop.
This opportunity is not only limited to Nigeria only, you can dropship outside Nigeria as well if your product is needed.

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