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Shopping for furniture can be a daunting task. Most people are used to going into physical showrooms to see and touch furniture before buying. Times have changed. Now, you can view thousands of furniture listings online from different merchants. This gives the furniture buyer leverage to access deals and savings they would previously not have been aware off. We have compiled a few short points to consider when shopping for furniture online.

  • Look at the pictures: Online listings would typically show furniture from different angles in maybe well accentuated backgrounds or showrooms. You should look closely at the pictures and visualize how they might fit in your home or apartment.
  • Compare Prices:  Take advantage of the internet. Compare prices across several sellers and get the best deals possible.
  • Ask about the real dimensions of the furniture piece(s): This is a key and legitimate question to ask any online furniture seller. You do not want to order furniture that cannot pass through your front or back doors!
  • Read Seller Reviews/Rankings: Good online listing sites will have sellers with reviews/rankings from previous buyers. Reading through such reviews gives a better perspective on how any potential purchase from such sellers will go. Things like after sales service or warranties are very important and should be noted.
  • Look at shipping options and costs: Shipping furniture could potentially add up significant costs.  Furniture sellers that offer free or subsidized shipping services are definitely a must check out for potential buyers

2dotsmarket will be coming live soon and will list thousands of furniture sellers, with different types of furniture including; chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, stands, beds, stools, doors and other decorative furniture.

2dotsmarket will be available online at www.2dotsmarket.com  with mobile apps on the Google Play and Apple Store.

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