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The rate at which minors are been defiled and sexually molested these recent times is seriously alarming.
Gruesome stories of molested and raped children pops up every other day, these minors are very vulnerable, their safety is dependent on you as parents or guardian.

They know little to nothing and It’s time they’re taught how to protect themselves against these predators in human form.
Sexual molestation and defilement is not gender based, both male and female minors are victims of this wicked act.

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I’m going to share tips on how to protect your wards from these wicked people.You will have to do your part which is primary and most important in protecting these innocent young ones.
They deserve a happy life, not a one of torment and pains. They are innocent and spineless but there are ways you can gradually build your children to keep them safe from pedophiles.

If you can teach a child basic home chores, you can equally teach him/her how to stay safe when the need arises.

Talk to your children about body parts early:
In an African setting, i know how difficult it’s for our parents to tell their children about body parts, especially the intimate part.
This is wrong, you have to look for a common name or rather tell your ward the truth about what that exact private part is called. The child will get comfortable over time and won’t have to feel shy to tell you when something inappropriate is done to him/her.

Let them know how private some body parts are:
Now they know what the body parts are called, teach them how private those private parts are. Teach them why it’s called private , it means those parts aren’t for everyone to see or touch. Explain why those parts are restricted to some certain people except.Use the language they understand, in a playful manner.

Teach them not to keep body secrets:
Most of these abusers threaten their victims and tell them to keep whatever happens a secret. Make your child understand how bad it’s to keep such secrets, teach them to open up anytime anyone touches them inappropriately.

Train them on how to escape uncomfortable situations:
Some children are naturally brave and fearless but as a parent(s) or guardian, you should be able to train your child on how to say ‘No’ when they’re faced with what they aren’t comfortable with.
Teach them how to walk away from an adult that’s trying to persuade them into doing immoral things. It doesn’t make the child a bad child rather that’s a way of walking away from danger.

Get to know the people in your child’s life:
Know who your child is spending time with, including other children and adults. Ask your child about the kids they go to school with, the parents of their friends.Talk about these people openly and ask questions so that your child can feel comfortable doing the same.

The list is endless but as a parent (s) or guardian, become familiar with the warning signs of child sexual abuse, and notice any changes with your child, no matter how small. Whether it’s happening to your child or a child you know, you have the potential to make a big difference in that person’s life by stepping in.

Set time aside to spend with your child where they have your undivided attention. Let your child know that they can come to you if they have questions or if someone is talking to them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. If they do come to you with questions or concerns, follow through on your word and make the time to talk. If you can adopt these tips, then we are all one step away to protecting these young ones.

Photos credit: 1stNews, UNICEF.

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