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A lot has been going on lately in Nigeria, Youths are bewildered with the get-rich-quick-syndrome and it’s causing a rise in crimes in the country.

It’s more like a trend now to get rich as quick as possible no matter the consequences therein. A number of youths in Nigerian opt for easy life that doesn’t require hardwork and effort. A great number is suffering from get-rich-quick-syndrome.

Youths fail to understand that engaging in dubious, illegal and fetish ways to make quick cash will not make one rich overnight.

Environment, Government inadequacies, unemployment and other factors must have contributed to the rise in crimes to get rich quick, but you can overcome regardless.

How to overcome get-rich-quick-syndrome

Self determination– It’s your ability to make choices and manage your own life. This ability plays an important role in your entire life as a person. You should be able to make sound and healthy choices for yourself irrespective of any situation you are into. Self determination helps you decipher good from bad when peer pressure hits you.

Invest in yourself– You don’t have to underestimate your capabilities, you are your biggest asset. Spend your time doing things in order to learn , grow and create value. Acquire new skills,both soft, hard and entrepreneurial skills. Get that degree or further your education, start a business, no matter how small. All these will yield you money gradually to live life comfortably.

Surround yourself with motivated people– The people you surround yourself with will play a pivotal role in your personal life. If you get involved with ill minded people, you may be influenced by them. Relate with hardworking individuals who believe in the dignity of labour, people who motivate you to do more.

Work hard– If you want to be successful in any walk of life, hardwork is a necessity. Hardwork is hard but you can’t get anywhere without striving . There’s no quick or fastest way to wealth without hard work. Learn to expect failures and soldier on.


Internet fraud ‘yahoo yahoo’, kidnapping, drug trafficking, money ritual, armed robbery etc, will not fetch you riches, hard work does. It’s a fundamental part of life, there’s no getting away from it, it’s not always fun but it’s necessary.

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