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Online marketplaces are one of the most innovative trading and ecommerce platforms to pull together sellers and buyers in a seamless fashion.

Selling your products in an online marketplace is one of the most cost effective ways to reach millions of potential customers. But is it that simple to just put your products online and the cash starts rolling in? Not really. There are a couple of key steps to take before becoming a successful online seller. Some of the key steps include:

  • Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Having clear and clean pictures depicting different angles of the product or service you are selling is invaluable in online marketplaces. There are typically many sellers with same or similar products in the marketplace. To make your post or Ad stand out, it is best you have as many pictures as possible of your products, posted in your Ad. Buyers love visual images because it helps create an immediate impact on their decision to call or contact the seller

  • Place your listing in the correct category

Buyers typically search for products or services in the category section of online marketplaces. Depending on the type of search algorithm deployed in the platform, your product listing might not be displayed in such searches, putting you at a potential disadvantage in getting new customers and making sales

  • Put an appropriate description for your product or service

This is key requirement for most online ads and listings. Buyers need to be able to decipher the product you are selling, the condition and any extra quality that makes the product stand out in the marketplace

  • Always endeavor to reply promptly to buyers enquiries

Buyers like to see prompt sales enquiries from sellers. It denotes seriousness and credibility from the seller end. Good online marketplaces like 2dotsmarkets.com usually have a real time chat interface to facilitate such transactions. Sellers get instant notifications on the app and via email, whenever there is an enquiry about their listed products or services. In addition, sellers can be contacted via WhatsApp chat on mobile phones. With such instant messaging tools available, there is no excuse for not attending to potential customers

  • Take paid ads

Any serious seller understands the importance of online visibility. Many marketplaces give premium visibility spots to paying sellers that buy ads. These paid ads are programmed to always be at the top of search and trending pages. That greatly increases the probability of buyers seeing and making purchases based on the seen ads. Take paid ads online to increase your sales and market potential.

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