Cocktail drinks are very popular around the world. Essentially, a cocktail drink is an alcoholic drink that consists of a spirit and other drinks or citrus fruit/juice. Cocktail tastes can range between the very sweet and very sharp tastes on the mouth. Most times they are very colorful and inviting.

Did you know that cocktail drinks are aptly named according to the type of additional drink or ingredient mixed with it? We are going to showcase the different types of cocktails popular around the world

Here we go:

Highball: This is a cocktail that contains a spirit, soft drink (coke etc.) or juice.

Duo: This contains a distilled spirit mixed with another “liqueur”. The liqueur referenced here is usually another drink composed of distilled spirits and additional flavorings like fruits, herbs, spices or sugar.

Trio: This cocktail consists of a distilled spirit, “liqueur” and a mixer that might comprise of cream, honey, herbs or sugar.

Virgin cocktail or mocktails: These are drinks mixed without any alcohol in them.

Now you know the different types of cocktails to order at any bar or gathering. Act sophisticated and order with the right name of the cocktails



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