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So you finally created that account and posted your Ads on…Congratulations.

You are all set but still waiting for the buyers to call and make that purchase.

But think through this few pointers:

  • Did you write out an appropriate title for the Ad?
  • Did you put in enough words in the description section?
  • What about the price? Did you check it?
  • Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Yes, you guessed right. Those four highlighted items are too important to leave out or not get right.

  • The title and descriptions help in bringing up your Ads during user searches. They are also key when the Ad pages are indexed for Google searches. Always make sure you get this right.
  • Is your price a little off? So imagine an Ad for a piece of land with a price of ₦1 on it! That looks ridiculous and suspicious. Even if such Ads are published, users would be wary of contacting the Ad owner. Endeavour to always put the right prices on your Ads
  • Pictures are the soul of an Ad. Nothing describes a product or service like well detailed pictures. A picture can tell the complete story for you. Take sharp and clear pictures from different angles. You can post as many pictures as necessary to show the condition of the product you are advertising on

Fortunately, if you did not get all the four key items right, you can edit your Ad and repost it again. Yes, we are that flexible and allow edits on already published Ads.

Starting posting your Ads today and start growing your sales on


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