Belly fat can be really annoying and in extreme cases, affect our mobility and appearance. It projects an unhealthy lifestyle. Good news is that there are quick remedies to control belly fast. It requires some discipline and dedication, like every other good thing in life. Keep reading and be ready to eliminate that belly fat and welcome six packs!.

Eat more fibre

Foods rich in fibre fill you up more,  slows your digestion and makes you demand less quantity to be satisfied. This is in contrast to sugary and processed carb rich foods which increases your craving for more. Ensure  you eat a lot of fibre rich foods like beans, oats, whole grain bread, vegetables, fruits to cut down on belly fat

Walk and exercise everyday

Walking and daily exercise helps tremendously in the quest to stay trim and lose belly fat. Daily walks no matter how short has been proven to help shed tummy fat and increase fitness and tolerance levels. Strenght training exercises help tone the muscles and in the process, helps shed excess fat in the belly and body.

Slow down on that alcohol

Drinking alcohol frequently can seriously add to your calories count. A lot of alcohol at once can actually induce high food intake with the attendant build up of calories and eventually, fat which naturally builds up along the waistline. It best to limit seriously the frequency and volume of alcohol intake to control belly fat.

Eat more protein

Proteins help us become full and build muscles. We need proteins to recover from muscle strains. The more muscles we have the less fat on our bodies and bellies. Another key fact we need to note is that we need to eat proteins before doing any muscle building activity! Yes, before and not after workout.

Do sit ups

This particular exercise isolates and targets the stomach muscles. Constantly doing push ups will eliminate belly fat and you might get the much acclaimed six packs. However, you should take care not to injure your back or overstrain your muscles doing sit ups. Keep increasing the number of sit ups gradually, as your body can tolerate.

Get adequate sleep and reduce stress

Stress can take a toll on our bodies making us act irrationally and eat more. That builds unwanted calories contributing to fat on the body. Getting adequate timely rest and avoiding stressful situations is one sure way to keep trim and healthy. Too much sleep can actually make you gain more weight. The trick is to get the normal hours of required sleep and not overdo it.

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