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Selling goods and services online is a fine art. You just have to understand the factors at play before putting your products online. The internet is a wild space but it has also brought dramatic opportunities to sell a wide variety of products and services to people you might never even meet. There is therefore a need to understand how to connect with potential buyers and make that sale today.

Here are a few pointers on how to start selling online:

  • Take accurate and clear pictures of items for sale

Pictures can tell a complete story. Clear pictures would definitely help you arouse the curiosity of potential buyers. Take as many pictures from different angles to tell a complete story of the item you want to sell. This would help reduce the number of questions from potential buyers, and can even help build trust.

  • Provide as much details of product or service on your Ad

Listing all the possible details of your product or service is best practice for quick sales. Potential buyers love an open, honest and detailed description of any product on sale. So if it is a used product, list the particular condition the item is in with key emphasis on any blemishes that might be of concern to potential buyers

  • Benchmark  your prices with similar products or service from other sellers

The internet has made it possible for buyers to quickly do price comparisons across products and sellers.  Therefore, it is wise to price your products competitively, except there are extenuating circumstances that entails you price it differently. Any potential buyer seeing similar products with widely varying prices, would naturally want to go with the lowest priced seller. For every seller that wants to price their product above the average for the similar product, they would need to explain in the Ad details, why their product is better and deserve a higher price.

  • Seller Reviews

If you run an online shop with multiple products and buyers, you will need to be very responsive to buyer enquiries and requests. Making an effort to reply to chats, texts and phone calls goes a long way in building trust and creating bonds with potential buyers. If you list on platforms like 2dotsmarket.com, buyers that have successfully bought an item from you would have the opportunity to use the star ranking/review system to rate the transaction. Such reviews will be seen by other buyers and potential buyers. Good reviews from buyers would definitely translate into more sales for your business

  • Give reasons for sale

This applies mostly for used products or brand new products that a seller does not want to use. For example, in trying to sell a used car, buyers would want to know why the car is on sale. Giving genuine reasons like “upgrading to a newer model or brand” is most times good enough. However, you should still endeavor to list all noticeable faults about the car in the Ad. Buyers usually appreciate such details and use it as a discussion opening point.

  • Take advantage of paid Ads

When you pay for an Ad on a listing platform, the Ad will gain priority and preference in search results rankings. That effectively places it at a vantage position compared to similar Ads or products. Potential buyers that normally only look at the top listed Ads before making their purchase decision, would definitely see the paid Ad, effectively increasing the chances of making the sale.

At 2dotsmarket.com, we offer sellers, weekly and monthly duration paid ads to fit every budget and seller taste. Utilize this facility and achieve maximum visibility for your products and grow your sales.

Happy Selling.

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