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We all dread that occasion when you put your keys in the vehicle ignition and you hear rhat click click sound! That’s a sign that your vehicle battery has run down or discharged. Its not a very good situation especially when you are all dressed up to go or already out and this happens.

We want to help you anticipate this situation by observing and following some simple rules below:

Battery 1
  • Note the Battery Age:

Really good batteries are supposed to last between 3-5 years of use. However, in Nigeria we have noticed a proliferation of lesser quality batteries from Asia that only last about 2 years. So know the type of battery in your car and the age so you can anticipate when it is due for change. You don’t have to wait till it goes down fully before changing it.

Cororoded battery
Battery Acid Leaking from Car Battery
  • Maintain Your Battery:

Check for corrosion signs at the terminals of the battery. This would be some whitish coloring at the terminals. In that case, disconnect it, wipe clean and coat with grease to prevent build up of corrosion. If your battery is non-sealed type, you can add electrolyte(distilled water to keep it in charge. This process needs to be done very carefully to avoid coming in contact with the corrosive acid present in the battery.

  • Vehicle Parked for Long Periods?

If your vehicle is parked for long periods, chances are that the battery might run down. This is not always the case for modern batteries especially if absolutely everything in the vehicle is turned off.  If this happens, then you might need to have the battery charged fully before using it , confidently.

Best Battery Terminals 1
  • Check Battery Terminals:

Ensure battery terminals are tightened as vehicular movements can result in terminal head disconnecting or partially contacting. This can cause vehicle to lose power or not start, when stopped or parked.

open hood
  • Lookout for Dying Battery:

Always note the engine sound when the ignition is turned. If you hear a slow clicking sound before the vehicle starts then you need to have the battery checked out immediately. Also, a faulty alternator can be another culprit in this situation as it would not be charging the battery maximally. Have the alternator checked to ensure the battery size is not too big for it to charge.

Pwer Pack
  • Power Pack / Jump Starter:

You might want to invest in a good rechargeable power pack and jump starter cables. This would definitely come in handy for you or maybe your neighbor or that nice lady whose vehicle refuses to start. Invest in one.

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