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Christmas and New Year holidays are wonderful times to reflect and be with your loved ones. However, the holidays present its challenges and we all need to be prepared to enjoy it as much as possible.

There are a few items all households should endeavor to have in stock during this period to have a wonderful holiday. Most Nigerian households have a tradition of cooking and eating Jollof rice on Christmas day , so we are making a list of things to have handy to cook this delicacy.

onions and tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes and Onions
  •  Fresh Tomatoes, pepper , onions and other spices

You cannot make jollof rice without all the above listed condiments. It is especially critical to have them in stock especially onions, that have become very scarce and expensive due to the ongoing violence in the major farming states in the northern part of Nigeria. Onions can be preserved by airing and sunning them in the open. Spices would include curry, seasoning, black pepper etc

kings vegetable oil 2 litres
  • Vegetable Oil

This is another essential item to stock for the holidays. This has multi user in the kitchen and in the preparation of jollof rice. It is used in deep frying of meat and cooking of vegetables in the jollof rice process. There are many brands available but check to be sure the vegetable oil is pure, clear and flows easily before purchasing.

Fresh Goat Meat
  • Meat and Fish

Jollof rice is incomplete without the accompanying protein meat or fish. Some of the popular choices are beef, goat meat, chicken, tilapia, cat fish and dried fish of all types. Dried fish in particular gives jollof rice a distinctive taste. Meat can be fried separately and served with the rice or can be mixed and cooked with the rice.

  • Rice

Last but not the least, rice. Recently, this staple food has assumed significant importance in Nigerian households, due to the ban on importation of rice and the corresponding increase in the price of price of the product.

Local production has not really kept up with demand and quality, thus the increase in the price. It is always a good idea to stock good quality rice in readiness for the holidays as it might suddenly become very scarce or very expensive for many households. Rice should be stored in airtight containers to not attract pests and rodents.

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