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Getting a job in Nigeria is a Herculean task, however, while it’s easy for some, it could be a tough search for others.

A large number of Nigerian students graduate every year and there are little or no job out there, you have to be exceptional and a goal getter in order to land yourself the job you want or one close to what you want.

Here are tips that would help you get a job in Nigeria faster than you expected when you’re persistent and ready to make a difference, good jobs aren’t only for people who has connections, you too can get a well paying job by following these easy tips.

Be Employable: You don’t expect to get a job when you have nothing to bring to the table, any firm employing is looking for an individual that will be productive and add positively to the establishment. The first question to ask yourself is; Am I employable?. Prepare yourself in a way that you’re sure of making an impact anywhere you find yourself.

Get a skill: Instead of staying at home waiting for that dream job, it’s better you use the opportunity to build and invest in yourself by getting new skills that would help you both in the present and in the future. Step out of your comfort zone and get either a soft or hard skill, it doesn’t hurt to be versatile. You can opt for areas outside of what you studied and carve a niche for yourself. If you have one already, improve and explore more. There are websites that offer free courses on different skill fields if you’re not financially capable to fund one.

Explore online: Gone are the days when people move about with their CVs looking for job vacancies, now job openings are posted online, both on different social media platforms. You can check out websites that post job offers everyday, check out 2dosmarket.com for Job listings. I bet some people don’t know employers list job vacancies on some e-commerce platforms, you can join groups on social media where opportunities are put up from time to time.

Update your CV regularly: Your curriculum vitae is like your marketing billboard so it has to be appealing and up to date. Update your CV regularly to match with the job you’re applying for, arrange it properly so that you can get a chance in the midst of millions, learn ways to arrange a CV if you don’t know how to.

Prepare for interviews: When you’re called for an interview, it’s best you get yourself ready and well prepared. Don’t underestimate any firm and don’t be unserious thinking it’s going to be ‘business as usual’ . Be there before your scheduled time of interview, that shows readiness and seriousness. Do a research about the firm before hand, dress well and have a positive mindset.

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