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Many people have lots of household items in the storage that are either old, unusable or basically just occupying space. There are a couple of ways you can handle such items to create a cleaner and more livable environment

Here are a few pointers to consider in dealing with old items laying around your house

  • Have you used this item in the past year or two? If the answer is yes, then maybe you actually need to properly store such items. If the answer is no, then its time to gather them up and start planning a disposal strategy
  • Do you have more than one item that serves same purpose? Sometimes we might more than a pair of similar items e.g. when we upgrade our TV’s to a newer model, we might end up putting the old one in storage. You can give out or sell the old one
  • Do you do periodically clear out household items like air conditioners and refrigerators? Household items do get old and maintenance prone. Maybe we want to save ourselves the hassle of calling the repair/maintenance man regularly. So what do we do, we buy new ones and put the old ones in storage. They end up occupying space and eventually, clutter up the storage.

Do you know you can clear your storage space by selling used or old items that you have no need for again. You can do this on 2dotsmarket.com. Its easy; take pictures of the item, put a description, put a price and post on 2dotsmarket.com. Get ready to start receiving calls and making money.  

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