How to be a successful online seller

Selling goods and services online is a fine art. You just have to understand the factors at play before putting your products online. The internet is a wild space but it has also brought dramatic opportunities to sell a wide variety of products and services to people you might never…continue reading →
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How 2dotsmarket can help your Pharmacy business

Pharmacies are an essential component of the healthcare business sector. The new digital economy requires multiple distribution channels for existing stores and establishments. Pharmacies cannot rely alone on physical outlets, to sell their products and reach customers. All pharmacies must have an online presence to be able to compete in…continue reading →

5 Tallest Buildings in the World

There are architectural wonders in all parts of the world. Some of the most fascinating structures are the high rise buildings that are built to fit detailed engineering and structural specifications. These are not easy structures to construct. They are built to withstand demanding weather and operating conditions. We bring…continue reading →

5 Famous Nigerian Delicacies

Nigeria is a huge country with an estimated population of 180 million persons. It is also incredibly diverse in language, traditions and food….Yes, food. Nigerian food can range from the extremely chilly and spicy to the sublime. A visit to Nigeria would be incomplete without trying out of the mouthwatering…continue reading →

Top 5 pets to consider for your kids

Pets are adorable and nice to have around the house. Kids especially enjoy playing and bonding with very well trained pets. Here are some pets that might be perfect for kids: 1. Dogs Dogs are gentle and loving, and they can make for good companions both inside and outside the…continue reading →

5 Tips for Maintaining Good Vision

Maintaining good vision with your eyes is a challenging goal for humans. There are so many habits and events that can impact our eyes and cause us to lose our excellent eyesight. We bring you 5 simple tips to preserve your eyes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Computer Screens: Computers…continue reading →
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2020 Lexus RX 350 Review

Today we are reviewing one of the most popular vehicle brand/model in the Nigerian car market. This car is practically a dream car for a huge swath of the population. The RX 350, especially the older models is a fast seller in Nigeria. Here are some of the key features…continue reading →