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Health Benefits of PawPaw (Papaya)

PawPaw (Papaya) is a fruit that grows mostly in the tropical regions of the world.  It has a sweet refreshing taste that is very welcoming. It is eaten fresh when the outer skin is peeled off and the internal seeds taken off. In addition to its refreshing taste, they are…continue reading →

Holiday Shopping List

Christmas and New Year holidays are wonderful times to reflect and be with your loved ones. However, the holidays present its challenges and we all need to be prepared to enjoy it as much as possible. There are a few items all households should endeavor to have in stock during…continue reading →

The 4 Richest Nigerians in 2020

Nigeria is a country of about 200m persons. It is no mean feat to be listed as one of the richest in the country. We use this post to highlight the richest persons in Nigeria and the nature and sources of their wealth. Sit tight! 1. Aliko Dangote   Aliko…continue reading →
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3 Medicinal Uses of Lemon

Lemons might not be our favorite fruit, because it is not really that sweet, compared with other citrus fruits. However, it sure does have real good medicinal uses. Do not throw away that lemon! Learn about the benefits of using lemon for good health. Here are some of the health…continue reading →
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The rise of miniature Kid Motor Cars

As adults, we have the freedom to drive ourselves around in the latest brands and models of cars. We even drive kids inside the cars around town, to complete tasks and chores. However, kids are very curious and like to imitate actions they observe. Yes, they also want to drive…continue reading →
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Posting Paid Ads on

Wondering how you can get a leg up on your competition by placing Ads with greater reach and visibility on If so, then paid Ads is the way to go. Paid Ads help your Ads stay on top of search pages thereby increasing the visibility and potential for faster…continue reading →