Cryptos in Nigeria

Crypto coins are the latest investment fad to gain popularity worldwide. Bitcoin is the number one crypto coin and has the highest market capitalization. Infact, Bitcoin is a general name for crypto among many young people in Nigeria. What are these crypto coins? They are mostly computer code that are…continue reading →

Inflation and Food Prices in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria, you surely would have noticed the spiraling prices of food in the market and restaurants. Several reasons have been sighted for this trend, including the escalating security situation in many of the farm belts of the country and the overall inflation in the economy. Bottom-line…continue reading →

Deals for October

You made it to the glorious month of October.Congratulatulations! The year 2021 is gradually drawing to a close. Its time to start planning for the New Year and new things. You can start by saving money on the best deals for products and services in Nigeria. What better place to…continue reading →
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Indian Food in Lagos, Nigeria

Join us as we visit the Rangla Punjab Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos for some tasty Indian cuisine. Watch the video on our YouTube Page and do not forget to like and subscribe to our page. Getting Tasty Indian Food in Nigeria at Rangla Punjab Restaurant - YouTubecontinue reading →
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Health Benefits of PawPaw (Papaya)

PawPaw (Papaya) is a fruit that grows mostly in the tropical regions of the world.  It has a sweet refreshing taste that is very welcoming. It is eaten fresh when the outer skin is peeled off and the internal seeds taken off. In addition to its refreshing taste, they are…continue reading →

Holiday Shopping List

Christmas and New Year holidays are wonderful times to reflect and be with your loved ones. However, the holidays present its challenges and we all need to be prepared to enjoy it as much as possible. There are a few items all households should endeavor to have in stock during…continue reading →