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Basic things to know about digital currencies

The world has gone digital and technology is equally evolving.its no longer as it was in the 10th century.Digitalization has gone a long way in improving our lifestyle, providing means of livelihood and adding greatly to financial security.When you talk about digitalization, digital economy takes the forefront as it is…continue reading →
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Health Benefits of Yogurt

We consume yogurt often but only few people know about the health benefits. Eating yogurt can be pleasurable because of the creamy, sweet and sour taste. You can also add flavors, fruits and fiber to make a parfait. What is yogurt Yogurt is a popular dairy product that's made by…continue reading →
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How to identify fake bank alerts

Since the emergence of the cashless policy in Nigeria, most bank transactions has gone digital. People no longer stand on long queues in the banking hall to deposit money or collect cash. ATM, bank transfers and Point of sale (POS) has made all these easier. Using any of these digital…continue reading →
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Tips on how to dress right (For women)

What to wear and how to dress up seem easy but there are certain things you need to put into consideration before buying or wearing an outfit. Dressing right will make you look confident and energetic. No matter how much your clothe is worth, you can upgrade your appearance with…continue reading →
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Importance of Decluttering

When you hear the Word 'declutter', what runs through your mind instantly is 'stress'. You are engulfed with the thought of how difficult and challenging it's to get rid of excess clutter in the house or office. When your home is filled with piles of clutter, it can make your…continue reading →
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2dotsmarket Launch mobile App on Apple Store

One of the leading E- commerce platforms in Nigeria, has launched their mobile Application on Apple Store and it is currently available for download. is an all encompassing online market place where you can buy, sell both used and new items, post services, job openings and many more.…continue reading →
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Tips to motivate yourself to workout

Staying fit and healthy is very essential to human existence, your set out goals can be affected when you're unhealthy. That's why staying active and participating in a daily routine workout is very important. It is good for our body, mind and soul. Engaging in a daily routine workout can…continue reading →