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Your well-being is dependent on a healthy living, you don’t live a healthy life by only eating healthy food, exercising and drinking lots of water. While they’re important, you also need to cultivate a habit of visiting the hospital for regular medical check-up.

Gone are the days when you wait till you’re down with any illness before going to the hospital. Consider seeing a doctor for counseling and possible checks. Preventive healthcare is the key to lowering the risk of diseases or various health conditions before they become a problem.
Remember that early detection is key to healing, living better and having a longer lifespan.

Benefits of regular check-up:

. It prevents you from getting sick regularly.

. Prevents health problems from becoming chronic and save you money.

. Saves you from being a victim of preventable death.

. It increases chances for treatment and possibly, cure.

. Limit risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions.

If you also have a family history of certain diseases, you need to consider going for regular medical checks.

Here are some recommended health tests you should have.

Blood pressure test
Cholesterol level
Blood glucose
Skin cancer test
Diabetes test

STD test (sexually transmitted diseases)
Liver Function test
Covid-19 PCR test
Thyroid Function test
Kidney test
Prostate Cancer test(for men)
Cervical Cancer Screening test(for women)
HIV test
Hepatitis B test
BMI (Body mass index)

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The list is endless, visit the hospital to know more and follow their counselling . Please pay attention to that recurring headache, it could be that you blood pressure is high, it could be a sign of something more serious too.

Don’t ignore that dizzy feeling, you could be loosing blood.

Don’t wait till you’re close to death before you visit a hospital for check-up.Take charge of your life if you want to live a longer and healthier life.
You may have financial constraints but start saving for your health, make plans for a routine or regular visit to the hospital for checks, it could save your life and you spend less preventing than curing.

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