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Online business is no longer new as the world is evolving everyday towards making life beautiful and easier for everyone.
A lot of people don’t have the luxury of time to go purchase what they want at a regular market or store. They rather purchase online since it’s easier, less stressful and saves time. This approach helped a lot during the advent of COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people were getting groceries and other commodities online.

You purchase, pay and get it delivered to your doorstep. As an online vendor, for you to make sales there are certain steps you have to take to generate massive sales.

The main reason for creating an online store is to make sales and that’s why we have come up with ways to help you increase your customers.

Understand your target audience
You need to understand your customers as a vendor, starting from how they feel about your products or services. Engaging in a face to face conversation may be difficult but you can devise other means like chatting with them online, phone calls, emails etc.
This will help you serve them better, monitor how they make purchases and which product is the most sold so that you can ascertain which of them appeals to them the most.

Introduce your unique selling proposition
In business, you don’t have to copy what the next person does. You can be unique in so many ways, this will make you stand out.
Think of the things you can create on your store or page to make it different. It may entice your customer to keep patronizing.

Don’t look down on customer service
Your customers are the reason why you’re in business and you must do everything possible to keep them, serve them, offer them a comfortable environment then get paid in return.
You must pay attention to all your customers complaints, create a contact avenue or drop contact details like phone numbers, email address and so on.
When your customers contact you, respond promptly and politely, be a good listener. This will help you build a relationship with your customers.

Select the right e-commerce platform
This is where the real business comes to play, as an online vendor, you need a standard online market place.
Choose a platform that can give your business visibility and simple process and management features so that your customers can easily navigate the site.
A platform such as 2dotsmarket.com will give your business the boost it needs.

Display customers review on product pages
Reviews helps in generating more sales, without you having to convince your customers.Some need reviews to convince them to take purchasing steps.
When your reviews are on the product page, any visitor will get to read them first before checking out what to buy. Make it as easy as possible for customers to write reviews concerning your product. Preferably, use an e-Commerce platform with the feature built in like 2dotsmarket.com .

Showcase your products with high-quality photos
The human eyes has a good relationship with appealing photos, you need to invest in quality cameras or involve a professional photographer to take high-quality pictures that shows your products features.
Don’t edit too much so that your products will not look different when the customer receives it. This will solve the case of “what i ordered vs what i got”.

You’re guaranteed of more sales if you adopt  any or all of these approaches mentioned above.If you’re looking for the right e-commerce platform, 2dotsmarket.com is the best bet.

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