Maintaining good vision with your eyes is a challenging goal for humans. There are so many habits and events that can impact our eyes and cause us to lose our excellent eyesight. We bring you 5 simple tips to preserve your eyes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Computer Screens:

Computers are an inevitable work tool these days. However, we need to be careful about the glare from such screens as they can be quite harmful to the eyes, causing eyestrains, headaches, dizziness and even blurry vision. If possible, void looking at computer screens for too long. Take short breaks and move your eyes to less bright light sources and give the eyes a rest.

Watch your Diet:

Ideally, you should eat foods that are rich sources of Vitamin C, E, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein and zinc. Such foods would include green leafy vegetables, oily fish, eggs, beans, nuts, oranges and other citrus fruits.

Protect your eyes from the Sun:

Direct sunlight hitting the eyes is not too good. Sunlight contains Ultraviolet (UV) rays, and too much of those rays can increase the chances of cataracts and macular (central part of the retina) degeneration.

It is recommended to wear UV rays protecting sunglasses when out in the sun. The wraparound style glasses give more protection as they cover the eyes totally, including the sides.    

Have Regular Eye Checks:

Regular visits to the eye specialist for checkups goes a long way in early detection and treatment of many eye ailments. For the simple eye ailments that do not require surgery, a visit to the optometrist would be fine. For ailments that require surgery and more complex treatments, a patient would need to see an ophthalmologist.

Get Regular Exercises:

Exercising regularly helps keep you in shape and maintains a healthy body weight. The healthy lifestyle helps prevent diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. These two diseases can lead to eye problems. Getting regular exercises is a good way to avoid poor eye or vision problems.

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