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We are all aware of this pandemic situation not just affecting Nigeria as a country but the entire world.
In a bid to control the pandemic, some of the key states and commercial centers in Nigeria, are presently on a lockdown.

Here are a few ideas of productive activities you can embark on during this period.

1. Read Books
Task your brain, keep busy and read healthcare related books.
When you are not sure about what other productive things to do, read novels, books, how to write articles, newsletters, and some of those marketing mails you have been junking.

Tired of reading? Play Chess or engage yourself in Puzzle games to exercise your brain.

2. Online courses
The Internet should be your friend. Task yourself with the responsibility of taking up free online courses to add value to yourself, add to what you know so you can come out of this situation better and stronger. The internet sure sells a lot of things, you can be spoilt for choice now.

3.  Revisit your skills and brush them up.
Make a research into the latest developments in customer care, app/web development, copy writing, Digital Marketing or whatever niche you practice.
Google is a good place to start to get specific websites, where you can learn.
Put into best practice your digital marketing skills.
Work from home, make videos and advertise your product, you never can tell.

4. Download Productivity Apps.
There are countless apps on the internet that can help you with your tasks, personal organization, and team productivity.
You can even learn a new language, it could come in handy.

5. Take a stroll and Exercise regularly.
If you live in a permissible environment where you can take a stroll or go for an exercise.

After those long hours on your device trying to improve yourself with some of the listed points here. Take a walk and get some fresh air. It will do your mind, soul and body some good.

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