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Bambara nuts

Eating unhealthy foods is difficult for most people because unhealthy and junk foods can be highly addictive, and the interesting part is that healthy foods don’t cost so much in the market. A greater percentage of people are heavily addicted to junk foods that expose them more to gain excessive unhealthy weight that could lead to obesity.

Bambara groundnut
Bambara groundnut

Bambara nut is locally called ‘okpa’ by the Igbos, Epa-Roro (Yoruba), and Kwaruru (Hausa), It’s one of the most underrated and neglected food in Nigeria but it’s packed with lots of nutrients and essential minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium. It’s a source of carbohydrate, plant based protein, and contains unsaturated fatty acids.

Bambara nuts
Bambara nuts

The protein packed nut can be prepared in so many ways, it’s consumed by people in different parts of Africa. Bambara nut can be grinded into flour, it can be malted for baking, used to make popular ‘swallow’ for Nigerian soups, can be made as pudding, cooked as groundnut, roasted and enjoyed like snacks.

Cooked Bambara pudding okpa
Cooked Bambara pudding (okpa)

Health benefits of Bambara nuts

Helps manage diabetes: It contains a high essential amino acid that helps regulate blood glucose level in   diabetic patients. You can incorporate Bambara nuts into your meal and explore different ways of making the beautiful legume.

It improves bone health: Bambara nuts contains a lot of calcium and you know the work of calcium in the human system, it protects he body from arthritis and other bone diseases.

It protects from cancer: The antioxidants present in Bambara helps in reducing the chances of getting cancer .

Boosts immune system: Foods made from Bambara nuts are high in probiotics which helps in maintain and grow good bacteria in your gut that is very important for your health, prevents DNA damage and stomach cancer.

Good for heart health: Eating Bambara nuts help lower cholesterol level that leads to heart attack and stroke.

Photos credit: Ghana fruit cart, 9jafoods, Istock.

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