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Nigeria is a huge country with an estimated population of 180 million persons. It is also incredibly diverse in language, traditions and food….Yes, food. Nigerian food can range from the extremely chilly and spicy to the sublime. A visit to Nigeria would be incomplete without trying out of the mouthwatering delicacies in the country. We want to showcase just a tiny list of some of the most famous Nigerian food to try out.

  • Efo Riro:

This is a leafy delicacy from Western Nigeria. Usually made from green pumpkin leaves, water leaves and spinach mixed up with spices, fish and meat. It means mixed vegetables in the local language. Best eaten with pounded yam, boiled yam or plantains or garri. Very nutritious with a wonderful taste.

efo riro
Efo Riro
  • Jollof Rice:

This dish is not just native to Nigeria but almost all of West Africa. It is made with rice, tomatoes, oil and spices. It can usually be garnished with meat, sausages or fish depending on the taste and purpose of the cook. It is a very colorful and popular meal at parties in West Africa. This is one dish you definitely need to try out when in Nigeria.

Jollof Rice
  • Afang Soup:

This is a very popular soup around the country. Its origins are from the Akwa Ibom/ Cross River States end of the country. It is a mesh of Afang leaves, water leaves, fish, meat and very nice smelling spices. It can also be garnished with other assorted types of meats like snails etc. It can be eaten with pounded yam, garri, semovita or wheat meal.

  • Suya:

Suya has origins from the Northern part of the country, where animal husbandry is a lifestyle. It is also very popular around West Africa   it is basically barbequed meat usually from cattle (cows), ram (sheep) and sometimes chicken rolled up in sticks. It is grilled over hot glowing charcoals and garnished with spicy and chilly seasoning.  The distinctive taste comes from the seasoning which leaves a very nice after taste. Suya is mostly sold and eaten in the evenings/night in Nigeria.

  • Pepper Soup:

As the name implies, it is literally “Peppered Soup”. A very spicy and outrageously popular delicacy in Nigeria that can be made from a range of fish and meat (goat, chicken, beef, bush meat etc.). Depending on how spicy it is, you would literally sweat while eating it. It is best eaten on very cold rainy days or nights. You should keep a big bottle of water or drink nearby, just in case…you might need it.

Pepper soup 2
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