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Having issues with your iPhone not powering on, unable to back up to icloud or app crashing without warning? Here are some useful tips to help you ease the inconvenience

1. Apps Crashing Without Warning

Solution: double press the home button for the app manager to show up. Kill the apps by swiping it. Try to reopen the app. If this doesn’t help, you may want to check if all the apps are up-to-date.

2. IPhone Won’t Power Off

Solution: Hold and keep the home button and the power button pressed at the same time, the Apple logo will then appear on your screen. Your iPhone should be able to power on and off normally.

3. Unable to Back Up iPhone to iCloud

Solution: Check whether the cloud storage limit is full. If yes, then delete some data or stop backing up. You may not need all the photos that are still kept stored in your gallery. Deleting them will free up quite a lot of space

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