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Going to the gym should be an enjoyable experience. People go to the gym to work out, and be motivated to work out. We have penned a few gym etiquettes to guide gym use. Following them might mean a better gym experience for all. Here they are….

  1. Seek help if you don’t know how to use any particular equipment. We want an injury free and safe workout for all gym users
  2. Don’t wear an obnoxious amount of perfume to the gym. We are here to workout, not sniff you
  3. Use only one particular set of equipment at a time. The gym is meant to be used by all members
  4. Guys, please, women are in the gym to work out too. It is most times rude, to ask a woman to take off their headphones, because you want to chat them up. This is a gym, not a pick up spot
  5. Stop gawking at women working out. It makes everyone uncomfortable
  6. Restack your weights when done with lifting them. Scattered weights make for a hazardous workout environment
  7. Keep working out and stop staring at the mirror! This is not a beauty saloon
  8. Please endeavor to wipe gym equipment, before and after use. Remember, this is Covid – 19 season.
  9. Don’t lift more weights than you can handle. Keep the grunts low. It is actually distracting to other gym users
  10. Please and please, take your bath before going to the gym. Else, you might just force everyone else to finish quickly!
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