Food Science and Technology

What is food science? It is a widely used term but do you know the meaning? In simple terms it is the application of scientific principles to create food and ensure a constant supply of food at all times. Food science is responsible for us having nutritious new foods, new…continue reading →
Bambara nuts

5 health benefits of Bambara nuts (Okpa)

Eating unhealthy foods is difficult for most people because unhealthy and junk foods can be highly addictive, and the interesting part is that healthy foods don’t cost so much in the market. A greater percentage of people are heavily addicted to junk foods that expose them more to gain excessive…continue reading →
CV writing

How to write an outstanding CV

Having an idea on how to write a CV is the first step to landing that dream job, not everyone has the idea of how to go about a convincing CV, that’s why we came up with the topic to help have a grasps of what a detailed CV should…continue reading →
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Some Facts about Tik Tok

Released in 2016.Parent Company  is Bytedance from China.Valuation is $280billion as of late 2021.Downloaded over 3billion times. Has overtaken Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat in monthly active users.Tik Tok has over a billion monthly active users.Fastest growing social media app among teens in Nigeria.India has the most downloads of…continue reading →

Six ways to loose weight without exercising

Gaining some weight is not so much easier than shedding it, exercising is also good for your health but you don't have to kill yourself while at it. Excess weight isn't healthy for anyone hence the need to maintain a healthy weight.When it comes to exercising to lose weight, most…continue reading →
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Health benefits of bitter kola

Have you ever wondered why bitter kola got expensive in Nigeria all of a sudden, it's obviously because people have discovered the importance and health benefits of the seed, hence the inflation. Bitter kola has been eaten for years but its benefits was just recently discovered since scientists began studying…continue reading →
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6 ways to make more sales online

Online business is no longer new as the world is evolving everyday towards making life beautiful and easier for everyone.A lot of people don't have the luxury of time to go purchase what they want at a regular market or store. They rather purchase online since it's easier, less stressful…continue reading →